our potato soup
(we didn't use measurements, so here ya go!)

  • boil red potatoes & strain-keep some potato water
  • in large pot, cook onion, garlic, celery, & turkey bacon
  • add potatoes and remaining water to pot
  • with immersion blender blend up potatoes til chunky
  • add a little half and half and lots of 1% milk
  • let simmer and add S&P
  • enjoy a perfect fall meal
this week is absoultely crazy with lesson plan upon lesson plan, a resume with a headshot, work, presentations, rehearsals for two different shows, and getting ready to go to kansas this weekend with our dance company. but...it's things like potato soup that keep me sane. a dinner with my husband is all i need. seeing his excitement over new handlebar tape for his bike is a simple reminder to be thankful. god pushes my limits so i'll realize that i need Him, i can't do it alone. thank you lord.


Summer said...

I like that chair in your living room- a lot!
That soup sounds just perfect for this season and reminds me of my recently-formed desire for an immersion blender.
I love your attitude about life right now.

erin elizabeth king said...

thank you! you could do the same thing with a hand mixer, that's what my mom does : )

Nikki M said...

It's really the simple things in life that make such a big impact at times :)