fall...a season that inspires me. creativity builds up inside and needs to be expressed. hopefully, this will be an opportunity for me to do that.

go to readymade.com to see how this couple transformed their loft into this wonderful aesthetic treat. i want an art space like this someday. and i love owls. my husband and i have one named hootie (he's a piggy bank, or rather an owl bank).


Shangaroo said...

Fall inspires me too. . .
I am a writer/scrapbooker. You, though are a multi-faceted, creative machine full with limitless worlds of delightful things in your bosom.
Go you! Let it encompass you.

Congrats on new married life too.


nana said...

You so impress me girl! You're now in my favorites...along with the kid's blogs...post often so I can keep up with you. Linda

Nikki M said...

My mom loves owls--it was actually her High School mascot in San Antonio! Hope everything is going great y'alls way. :)