well...kansas was windy. yes, windy. wichita state university's mascot is a shock of wheat, therefore they are called the "shockers."

our dance company trekked up there this past weekend for the kansas dance festival. we took classes friday and saturday and performed three of our pieces both nights. they have QT's in wichita...glorious. if you've never been to quik trip (basically the waldorf astoria of gas stations), please travel to your nearest one and delight in thei
r fine delicacies.

he was the highlight of the trip...

this is kim peek. dustin hoffman's character in "rain man" was based on his life. little did we know, it was he and his father who were sitting in the breakfast area at our hotel all weekend. they were dressed in suits and had an oscar sitting on their table. one morning the father asked my friend tracy to tell his son her birthday. she did and kim responded, "when you turn 60, your birthday will be on a sunday." tracy was caught off guard and a little freaked out. another time in passing, kallee and i saw the bottom of the oscar as the two men stepped into the elevator. it read, "rain man-best screenplay." then it hit me that he was probably right about tracy's birthday, and maybe he had been the inspiration for the movie. i did some research when i got home, and it was true! barry morrow, the screenwriter, gave kim his oscar which he now carries to all his appearances...

"They call it the "Most Loved Oscar Statue" since it's been held by more people than any other Oscar statue. Kim also enjoys approaching strangers and showing them his talent for calendar calculations by telling them on which day of the week they were born and what news items were on the front page of major newspapers. Peek has also appeared on television. He travels with his father, who takes care of him and performs many motor tasks that Peek finds difficult."

who would have thought...in wichita, kansas : )

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Summer said...

Wow! What a great story- you never know who you might run into! That is so unbelievable that he was right there in your hotel. Seems like quite an interesting and friendly guy. I love Rain Man!