there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven...
ecclesiastes 3.1
times are changing, and i didn't realize that i would be affected. but that doesn't mean i can't make cookies! these are next on my list.
this is a hard season for us, but one to be celebrated. michael and i have been married for six months as of december 8th! he gave me one of my christmas presents early...a brand new beautiful bible engraved with my new name-erin elizabeth king : )
we can also celebrate our return to russia! to read more about what we're doing, go here.


summer said...

congratulations on your half-anniversary Erin!
it's really fun that we got married so close together, I will always remember that.
your early Christmas present is exactly what I got last Christmas from my then-fiance. what a perfect gift!

excited to hear more about your Russia trip- I have always wanted to go there!

Susan said...

Hey Erin--My mom always made these cookies at Christmas except she used pecans and they were called "Russian Teacakes" I think you should call them that--you know, since you like Russia and stuff!