st.petersburg here i come

i could definitely use some more time to prepare, but i can't wait to get there! this holiday season seems like it has just rushed by. sure i've sipped some hot cocoa here and there (i work at starbucks)...but i sure sipped it fast. tomorrow we'll leave to go to my momma's house in texas to celebrate christmas with the family-including aunts, uncles, and cousins! then the day after christmas, we're off to russia! it's gonna be a cold one this year. i don't plan on standing outside of any palaces for two hours this time. once you've seen one of them...you've seen them all! (that doesn't include the hermitage. i would go there a thousand times)

this is what i'm excited about:

my kids!

i wish you all a merry christmas, full of things that delight your heart!

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