time on my hands

since coming back to oklahoma sunday night, i haven't had much to do besides getting michael to his dr. appointment today. i can't remember the last time i didn't have anything to do. i'll admit, it's nice. maybe god is giving me a breather...i keep wondering why we're supposed to stay behind and not be in russia. but i know it will be revealed someday.

the weather has been wonderful, so michael and i have been going on walks right before the sun sets. when we get home we eat dinner, and secretly i've started to feel like an old couple on a regular schedule. ok, so it's only been two days...but that's a lot for us! during the semester we rarely get to sit down to dinner together between two different schedules of school and work. i really appreciate this time i have with him right now.

by the way, his appointment went well. contrary to what the ER doctor said, he does not have to have surgery. the tendon he cut wasn't a very important one i guess, so it will heal with time. we thought about bookin' it to russia and back, in time to get his stiches out, but we reconsidered and decided to save the money for a longer trip this summer.

here's what we ate after coming back from our stroll ; )

my version of olive garden's toscana soup (altered from top secret restaurant recipes)

4-ish cups chicken stock
1 can evaporated non-fat milk
2 medium russet potatoes
a lot of chopped kale
1 pkg. spinach garlic chicken sausage (target brand, break into pieces)
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes

saute the sausage until browned (it usually comes precooked). combine stock and milk in stock pot over medium heat. cut potatoes into small chunks and add to soup. add the kale and sausage. add spices and let soup simmer for about an hour (or til' potatoes are cooked through). serve with a hearty slice of rustic bread and enjoy!

no heavy cream, no red meat...my kind of soup!


lauren said...

i'm happy to hear that mike's hand is on its way...and i'm happy that you're able to spend this time together taking walks and enjoying each other. chin up, lovely. also, guess what. mom made zuppa toscana on sunday! (unfortunatley not such a health conscious version)

summer said...

so glad to hear that your husband's injury is going to heal w/o surgery!

your soup sounds wonderful & I admire you for using exciting ingredients-- my recipes are pretty boring. My 2009 resolution should be to try new things- like kale. Thanks for the inspiration, Erin!