what to do...

with my barnes and noble gift card? i got two for christmas- spent one of them on grace (eventually) by anne lamott and some amazing christmas cards that were on sale (for next year). we browsed the store for a long time today...but i never could decide on what to get. i know i don't have to spend it immediately, but my days of freedom are almost up (before school)! maybe you can help me decide...here are some cookbooks i'm looking at:

or i'd love to hear your suggestions for any other books you're enjoying! (not only limited to cookbooks)

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summer said...

I think I would like any of these, but the "food you crave" one looks especially good. Or the Barefoot Contessa one... that's a hard decision!

I just found the most wonderful book by Spurgeon, called Morning & Evening. I love it, and think you might too- it could be worthy of a B&N gift card, if you need another idea!