i've never...

thought of myself much as a "beach girl," more as a "mountain girl." sure i was born in california, but that never meant much to me. i'd prefer to be hiking up a mountain or kayaking in the surrounding waters. however, i recently discovered a warm connection to the beach. michael and i went to san diego for spring break to visit my dad. he took us sight-seeing to all the popular places, but we also got to walk along the beach a few times. it was only 70 degrees the whole time we were there-wayyy too cold for swimming, but the weather was beautiful!
when i think of beaches, my mind usually brings up an image of people wearing skimpy bikinis- playing beach volleyball, drinking beer, or turning themselves into leather. this beach was different. there were beautiful flowers, children running around, and SEA LIONS! i could have watched those lazy sea lions for hours.
i now have a new perspective of the beach, thanks to san diego : )

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