it was just the hubby and me. we opened easter baskets bright and early, celebrated at church, got to take home this lovely easter lily we had bought to help decorate the auditorium, and had a wonderful lunch!

brianna's marinated chicken. dill potatoes. roasted asparagus. angel food cake w/strawberries.

we decided to get each other one easter present (for the most part) instead of several little things. i got the mister new handlebar tape for his bike (which was an adventure in itself at the bike store for me!). my dear husband got a little overwhelmed at target trying to pick something out for me, so he made me this adorable card with a coupon on the back for:

one 30 minute massage
one homemade meal
one dress or pair of shoes from my store of choice

how great is that!? way better than just one thing at target : )

we got a card from my bestie that read:

let the resurrection joy lift us from loneliness and weakness and despair to strength and beauty and happiness.
-floyd w. tomkins

well put.

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