natural remedies + love = a guarantee to feel better soon

this is a new phenomenon for me...not having anything to do! so guess who shows up? mr. evil sinus infection! yep, he saw an opportunity to sneak up on me and took it. however, he forgot that i have the #1 sidekick of all sidekicks...michael king (husband extraordinaire), who brought me tulips and soup after getting my shifts at work covered (i know ladies...but you can't have him). then we went to the doctor where there was an hour and a half wait, which wasn't going to work. last time i had a sinus infection (which is the only sickness i ever get), the doctor saw me in approximately 2 1/2 minutes, after my two hour wait, and prescribed a horrible antibiotic that my body did not like. so we decided to go see our friends, a lovely couple in their 70's or 80's, at the Good Earth health foods store for their help. i came home with the lovely assortment above, and i'm actually feeling slightly better. the local honey from edmond is supposed to help with allergies (the culprit for mr.evil sinus infection's wrath).

you'll never guess what tomorrow is- husband extraordinaire's birthday! i am supposed to be baking a wonderful cake for him. creating a magnificent basket of goodies! but i'm trapped here in my pajamas, unable to leave the kleenex, far from being able to be seen in public! so my task tonight: create coupons for michael (red sox game in august, some bike thing of his choice??, and dinner when i'm presentable). the thing is, i know michael will just love it. i was sick on his birthday two years ago and guess what he said? (you still can't have him ladies)..."the best present is being able to take care of you." i know, adorable. so stop by and wish him a happy birthday tomorrow!

don't worry about me, i'm in good hands : )


lauren said...

me too. sinus infection (went to the doctor yesterday). have you tried a neti pot?? it's really helped me. love you! feel better!

Jillian said...

Tulips are my fav, your husband is so sweet! Feel better!

shawn and amanda said...

local honey everyday will sooooo help you!
hugs not drugs.