today's to do and tidbits

01. chiropractor appt. (last one! i used them all up for the year.)
02. work out
03. make bbq chicken wraps and eat them on the porch w/michael : ) (note: turn back away from the sun this time...got a horrible sunburn earlier this week while enjoying the weather and a book!)
04. call city utilities and transfer addresses for the move
05. go to work

i must tell you...while summer is not my favorite season for weather, it's my favorite no-school season! i have time to cook, and read (things that i want to read), and workout (non-dancing), and sit on the porch with my husband...it's delightful. and just last night we started packing! we get to move into our duplex next friday the 29th. boy, am i excited : )

p.s. have i ever told you i love getting the mail and answering the phone? even if nothing comes for me or no one asks for me, it's delightful. sometimes i knock people over at work just to answer the phone.


summer said...

mm.. bbq chicken wraps! what an excellent idea, erin. and sitting on the porch- even better.
hope your move goes smoothly and that you guys have loads of fun making your new space into your home!

ps. wish i could say the same about answering the phone! i have a terrible habit of letting calls go unanswered because i don't feel like picking up. what is my problem?!

Jillian said...

Funny thing happened when I was reading your "to do" list -- thought about it in your handwriting from elementary school. Isn't that weird that I remember that about you? Feels like sitting in Mrs. Sis' class all over again...

To echo Summer's sentiment I hope your move goes smoothly!

Leslie said...

I love getting the mail, too :) Give Austin and I a call Friday, we'd be glad to help you guys move.