today's to do

01. sleep in because it's your first day without regular classes!
02. go to the park with michael and work out
03. take mikey to work around 2 o'clock
04. linger in our starbucks with recipe books and figure out your entree for recipe club (decision: chickpea pasta w/chicken)
05. gather ingredients at home
06. make trip to grocery store
07. study for a few finals if you want
08. paste ideas in design book
09. cook chickpea pasta w/chicken and write up recipe sheets for 5 members (must be printed on cute paper)
10. secret club meeting with LOTS of great food!


summer said...

erin, this sounds like such an amazing day. wishing you a happy new schedule and best of luck on finals!

Linda said...

I like the way you spend your day! Your recipe sounds delicious...