before i go...

well i'm leaving today...but these things must be done first:

01. write autobiography for camp move it website (here's a little bit about myself for those of you who don't know)
Erin King is a student, dancer, artist, and designer, currently residing in Edmond, Oklahoma. She will be a senior at the University of Central Oklahoma, studying Dance Education. Erin has been dancing for over 16 years, and received most of her training under Les Jordan III at North Central Ballet in Keller, TX. Her favorite performances with NCB include “The Nutcracker” and “Swing Brother Swing.” Last year she performed with UCO’s Kaleidoscope Dance Company under the direction of Jamie Jacobson. She is privileged to have had the experience of participating in excerpts from José Limon’s “Psalm,” set by original company member Alice Condadina. Erin is married to a fellow artist, Michael King, and together they explore the wonderful world of the Arts! They also travel to Russia frequently to work with underprivileged and orphaned children. After she graduates, Erin plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling.
02. take michael to work at 6am, then be delighted you woke up so early. check
03. get an ok cup of coffee. check
04. get cavity filled at 8am! be delighted it didn't hurt too bad thanks to their crazy anesthetic technology. check
05. do laundry.
06. get hair trimmed.
07. throw stuff in suitcase last minute.
08. make sure husband knows the scoop on everything.
09. take pictures of home after it is all cleaned up and your belongings aren't everywhere!
10. finish planning bible study for russia.


leslie.conner said...

hope you got all of that done :) I love that biography picture, by the way! Who took that? very pretty! when does the camp actually begin? have fun!

summer said...

erin, i am so excited that you are going to have a camp-filled summer, too! woohoo. you have such an awesome-sounding life. always pursuing amazing things and always with a jam-packed schedule. way to go. i hope you have a marvelous summer and i hope that you'll have a little time to tell us what you're up to.

ps. oh my, oh my. erin, you are positively stunning. every picture i see of you is perfect in every way. really and truly.

Jillian said...

Don't know if you'll get this or when you check it, but I love your new banner...header...thing? Very pretty. Good luck with all your summer plans, have a great time!