busy bee

sorry friends for not updating recently! we just finished moving on sunday so things have been a little crazy : ) but, everything is coming together nicely and becoming less overwhelming as the boxes are disappearing! hopefully i'll be able to update with a more exciting post soon. as of now we are working on:
01. getting the house in order, stuff on the walls, etc. (i did make curtains last night!)
02. preparing for my camp in maine (i leave on june 19th to be a counselor at Camp MOVE IT, an arts camp)
03. trying to get our visa stuff together (we are leaving for russia july 27th)
04. getting ready to go to tx this weekend for my little sister's graduation!
05. baking cookies for her party
06. painting some furniture
07. fixing a washer
08. planting some flowers
09. cleaning the apt. we moved out of : /
10. celebrating our 1 year anniversary on monday!

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Leslie said...

That is a busy list! Happy early wedding anniversary :) So did you ever get a working fridge?!