i'm still alive!

hello friends! i've missed my blog, so i'll stop in and give you a brief update : ) we are still setting up the house, getting things on the walls etc. (i'll try to post pictures soon).

my summer is about to rush by starting next week!
  • on june 20th i'm leaving to be a counselor at an arts camp, Camp Move It, in maine (for a month).
  • michael is going to visit his family in NH my last week of camp and then they will pick me up.
  • we will spend a few days with his family and then leave for russia on july 27th from boston. we'll be gone until august 11th.
  • then...school starts august 17th!
my next week is booked with packing and making preparations for being gone a month and a half, but i'm going to try to stop in before i leave! have a wonderful summer : )


leslie.conner said...

It is weird that summer is so far over already! We need to get together at least once before you leave for so long. Are you taking any UCO dance workshop classes next week? Have fun packing for your two months away from Oklahoma!

lauren said...

erin, i'm so excited for your summer. i can't wait to see pictures of your new home and hear about your adventures. thinking about you. love you!

The Kelley Family said...

Sounds like you are one busy woman! We'll be praying for you guys! Hope you have wonderful travels!!! I know your heart is for Russia so I am so glad you guys are able to go!!!!!!! **take a ton of pictures**