date night

last night michael and i got to experience this amazing exhibit by El Anatsui at untitled, where michael interns. he has been so excited about this opening, and i've been anxious to see what he's been helping with lately. these pieces are massive, and heavy too.

This exhibition of West African artist El Anatsui's most recent works presents his large-scale wall reliefs resembling traditional African kente cloths. The pieces that often measure 12 to 15 feet wide are made of thousands of pieces of stitched together aluminum cut out of discarded liquor bottle screw-tops from distilleries in the artist’s hometown of Nsukka, Nigeria. As an artist, Anatsui came to prominence during the explosive West African post-independence art movement of the late 1960s and 1970s. He has since received world-wide critical attention for his experimental sculptural style that draws on his heritage but pushes boundaries due to his use of unconventional materials and methods of presentation.

after the gallery, we ate at sushi neko. this was our first time to try it. we are usually faithful to fuji sushi in edmond, but thought we would give neko a try since we were in the okc area. it was good, but not better than our dearest fuji for the price. however, they do have a larger dessert selection. michael got ginger creme brulee and i got green tea ice cream. mmm...

on our way home, we were saddened to drive by the "god hates fags" people from kansas. they are in oklahoma right now protesting at synagogues that "god hates jews." i still can't figure that one out.

after getting angry for a little bit, we decided we wouldn't let it ruin our night. if you ever get a chance to see El Anatsui's work, don't miss it!