joe, cuppies & joe, collected thread, and underwater filming

this week i had lunch with joe. joe is 77, still travels to australia to do research every year, and has his PhD in something that i believe to be botany and taxonomy. although we are about opposite in our fields of study, the conversation was delightful. i approached joe at McAlister's last week when i was eating lunch in between classes. for my aging and development class i have to interview someone between the ages of 60-80 and someone 80+. joe was eating by himself...so after working up the courage to walk over to his table, i somewhat explained myself and asked if he would be interested in meeting for lunch the following week. he kindly obliged (fortunately!). i believe joe and i will meet for lunch long after my interview is over.

tonight, my friend katelyn and i are going to collected thread's 1 year anniversary party! it is a wonderful store of local handmade goods, my favorite : ) cuppies & joe will be there with their famous cupcakes, and there will be music too!

tomorrow, my modern class is exploring our performance in the swimming pool. we are taking the phrase we've been working on this week and putting it in the water. it will be documented with an underwater video camera. cool.

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leslie.conner said...

sounds neat about the modern thing in the pool- so I guess they decided against Labor Day weekend? That is good! Have fun tonight! You know I've never had a cupcake from Cuppies & joe...