01. a dollop of advice: always use gloves when chopping jalapenos, even if it's just two. your hands might just burn for at least 24 hours despite the number of remedies you try to alleviate the flames : )

02. in other news, i got a glorious massage today. my selfless husband gave me back the coupon i gave to him to use. and i appreciate it more than words can explain.

03. currently making watermelon sorbet with my leftover watermelon.

04. going to start sharing in this bible study next week.

05. tonight...working on a dance therapy presentation for aging and development, as well as an art history comparison paper. eating sorbet. going to bed early!

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summer said...

1. advice noted. thanks.
2. massages are truly the best gifts in the world.
3. am so excited that you will be joining us for esther! woohoo.