i love weddings. everything about them. i don't think i loved them this much until i got married. i felt like i could put myself in her shoes as she walked down the aisle, knowing how nervous and excited she must be. emily from recipe club had a beautiful wedding friday night. the ceremony was at their gorgeous methodist church downtown, and the reception was held at the elegant skirvin hilton. michael and i went with our friends austin & leslie (pic above of leslie and i- "recipe club girls"). the boys entertained themselves while leslie and i reminisced about being brides ourselves. oh, what it would be like to do that day again! not all the planning mind you, but just the day. exactly as it happened. i think weddings are a wonderful thing.

"i have found the one whom my soul loves" song of solomon 3.4


leslie.conner said...

AGREED- they are most wonderful. Those are some lovely pics - especially the cake picture!!

Rebecca said...

i tell tim all the time, "the next time i marry you...!" i'm going to get married in dec., do an all white wedding, have the person who made YOUR cake make mine, and you can just fill in the blanks from there. i still love weddings after all these years. come to my house some weekend and we'll watch "say yes to the dress" and other fun wedding shows ON CABLE!

Dylan said...

Erin! I just creeped on your blog for the first time, and I found this! You are so sweet. :) I'm so glad we're friends.

PS when we opened your gift and found your strawberry candies, I cried. You are such a precious friend!

Love, Emily