yesterday we had the opportunity to see Tulsa Ballet's "Dracula"! i got a great deal through the school and we were able to score orchestra seats. it was amazing. the set was unlike any i've ever seen. the effects were impressive as well. we ate lunch at Sage in the Deep Deuce historic jazz section of OKC before the ballet. if you live in the OKC area and haven't been there yet, you should give it a try. it's a darling cafe and market. they sell gourmet products too, and of course they've jumped on the cupcakery bandwagon. what an overwhelming trend right now. but i like it. cupcakes are always more appealing than regular cake to me.

this week i'm:
working on a special project for my brother
preparing a best friend's birthday present
having lunch with joe on wednesday as usual
weeding my garden (we've got real sprouts coming up! beets...yay)
having lunch with joy and her daughter mila on thursday (may get another fashion show)
trying to think of other projects i can do instead of homework : )

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leslie.conner said...

That ballet must have been wonderful... I'm a bit jealous of you!