boy, some days are just exhausting. today i woke up late, rushed out the door just in time to make it to ballet, studied frantically for a test i was able to use my notes on, lost my cell phone, and the garbage disposal quit on me. oh and while michael was in the midst of changing the oil in our car...he realized he forgot to buy a new filter! since we only have one car, he hopped on the edmond bus to walmart : ) good news: my phone was found on campus, i realized i can do without a garbage disposal for a while, and the oil is changed in the car. oh, and michael made me a special calendar just for december!


leslie.conner said...

what a pretty calendar! Is it a printed one that you hung up or did he actually make it himself? Very nice! Austin made us a calendar for November- but it is a chore calendar, lol. Although it does have a big cute turkey on it!

erin elizabeth king said...

he designed it and then printed it out, you can see it tonight! way to go austin! haha you don't see many husbands making chore calendars these days. no offense men.