date night

it's rare, but sometimes it works out that michael and i are home on the same night. and it's wonderful. we cook dinner together and then watch a couple CSI-type shows. tonight i made pioneer woman's sweet-roasted rosemary acorn squash wedges and michael cooked up some grilled cumin chicken. we rounded it off with some whole wheat rolls sprinkled w/rosemary. delish. i also made a very girly cocktail that i'll share with recipe club next time i get the "drink" category. thursdays are my favorite, especially when i get to sit down to a meal with my husband.


renee said...

I have been wanting to try that acorn squash recipe. Was it good? Did you get to see her for her cookbook tour. Me and a friend are going to her signing in NYC on December 12th. I am so excited.

erin elizabeth king said...

yes, it was! i recommend it. no, i didn't get to see her when she came through okc, i had to work! i can't wait to get her cookbook though! take lots of pictures at the signing : )

leslie.conner said...

Can't wait to find out what this girlie drink is at RC!