dropping in

thanksgiving was great. my family's house was packed with loved ones and lots of excitement. in lieu of the traditional football game we play in the park, ALL the boys, young and old, bought air soft guns and shot each other. michael looked like a kid in a candy store. we did not venture out on black friday, but all the gals went to southlake town square on saturday. i found a darling soap dish and my mom stumbled upon the most perfect handkerchief for me at anthropologie. it's embroidered with an owl and a crown. i love owls and my last name is king. perfect. thanks mom. and...i signed up for my anthro card so i can get a free necklace on my birthday! michael, katie, and i went to our russia meeting/dinner and picked up our gigantic suitcases full of presents for the kids. we now leave in less than a month : ) wish i could stay longer but this week is going to rush by...i've got lots of homework to finish so i can help my hubby finish up his pieces for the show! hope your thanksgiving was rad.

cute illustration here.


leslie.conner said...

where did you find that turkey picture? cute! I got my anthro necklace last month... you'll be getting yours soon :D

Rebecca T said...

i had a great time at thanksgiving too! i love when your mom's house is packed with fun, love and food! it was great to see you. will be praying for your trip to russia!