today i am enrolling in my last semester of college! not the very last, since i plan on grad school, but the last for a while. it feels great. and michael graduates this december, next month! i love graduations. my mom went back to school and finished her degree two years ago and we had a great big celebration. sometimes while sitting in class, i plan michael's graduation party in my head. upon his request, there will be a large tray of a variety of cheeses. maybe a traditional "congrats" sheet cake, but probably not. i'm thinking giada's mini chocolate-orange cheesecakes, or the lemon-rosemary olive oil cake i made a few weeks ago. or all of the above plus more. as you can see, my mind often wanders from matters concerning school : ) but i should say, i really enjoy most of my classes this semester: ballet, modern, aging & adult development, and art history. i could really do without my juvenile delinquency class and my online history course though. any who, what are you looking forward to these days?

recipes and photos here and here


summer said...

yum, erin! chocolate-orange cheesecakes?! mm. chocolate and orange sound oh so good together. and i love that you are already planning the party. how cool that michael is just days away from being done!

ps. i am looking forward to having a spot to put my toothbrush (have not organized the bathroom yet) and listening to christmas music.

leslie.conner said...

I vote for the cake you made at RC, but that is just because I know it was delicious! The chocolate orange cheesecakes might actually be good for a change, though. Have you ever made them before? I made a chocolate orange bundt cake tonight with a glaze and it is yummy!