happy new year!

happy new year dear friends! we rang in 2010 with our russia family. it's been great, and i'm so glad i'm able to share things with you while we're here this time. the morning after we arrived, we went to the little kids' internat (kind of a government-run boarding school/orphanage). we brought presents to those precious tots, and they sat on "santa's" lap to receive them one by one. played the hokey-pokey, musical chairs, and danced the chicken dance! language barrier can't even phase those activities : ) they're adorable. tonight we had a new year's party at the church like we always do. the girls who live here helped michael and i decorate the place this afternoon. boy, do they love to decorate. ate some good food, including some russian favorites. after the clock hit midnight we went out on the main strip of town and tackled each other in the snow and went down the big ice slide...took our pic in front of the giant christmas tree and then hurried back for some hot chocolate! (russian christmas is after new year's) hope you all had a wonderful time ringin' in the new year!

blessings to you,

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