tree is up and aglow. show is on tomorrow, and mom and jen (brother's gf) will be here! one final down (found out i don't have to take history if i'm satisfied with my grade. i'm satisfied.). recipe club man dinner is on for sunday (our significant others have to make a complete holiday meal together for us ladies)! i haven't told you guys yet because it makes me sad...but emily from recipe club is moving. to amarillo, tx. however, we are very happy for her and her husband, dylan. he is going to be the sports broadcaster for a news station there. we will really miss her, but recipe club will go on and i'm sure skype will be involved. this is us being silly as usual. tracy is trying to get us on the ellen show : )

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leslie.conner said...

love this picture :) And I can't wait for the day we're on the Ellen Show.