well folks, i'm done. finals are over, woo hoo! now i'm in turbo christmas present making mode...as soon as i get done with work tonight. preparing for michael's family to come next week and his grad party. thinking about the study we'll do with the teens in russia. oh yes, we are leaving december 28th from houston and we'll be back january 11th. funny story, school starts for me that day. oops. but i refuse to spend another 4 hours on the phone with the airline to change our flight! someday i'll be done with school, for good, and have more hours in the day to do these things. and make one of these from the cover of my ReadyMade magazine : )

instructions on psimadethis


abigail said...

I need to make a wreath and this might just be the perfect one!

leslie.conner said...

I love that! We really need to have a craft day to make that :D