cookbooks 01.

here's post 01. of my cookbook chronicle. this christmas many people blessed me with an abundance of cookbooks. always an appropriate gift for this gal. how many of you also received PW's book? it's a popular one right now, for good reason. i'm excited to try both of the above. my michael is excited too!

from mom
from dad


Rebecca T said...

i got PW with a gift card i got. LOVE IT! made pot roast and it was SOOOO good. very clean, fresh flavors. i love the stories too. <3 U!

emilybuckingham said...

I got PW from my mother in law, and LOVE it. She is incredible!

renee said...

Did you go to a PW book signing when she was around OKC? I saw her in NYC. Love her blog and am excited to try the recipes in the cookbook.

leslie.conner said...

I didn't get the pw cookbook- got it for my aunt though! I'm probably going to get it sometime soon though :)