so michael and i have started a 28 day habit altering plan from my whole living magazine (thanks for the subscription leslie!). we thought we ate pretty healthy before, but this is certainly a reality check. we are learning to eat much less sugar and fill up on fruits instead, have veggies several times a day, and overall have more energy from eating good food and less preservatives. last week during the detox part of the plan we even fought over the last of the baby carrots. that was definitely a first.

this is our alternative to cucumber sandwiches (which usually have cream cheese and white bread).
1 wasa sourdough cracker
1 laughing cow light creamy swiss
cucumber slices

and this snack is only about 70 calories!

p.s. disclaimer: we are not opposed to splurging. you know we love to cook and bake, but we hope this plan will help us fill up on the good things so we can splurge every so often.

wishing you good health!


Gina said...

I MUST find that plan you're using! That's been the goal in my head for several weeks, but I'm having a hard time following a plan that's only in my head. Where do I find that magazine??? And that snack sounds amazing! I think I'll get some cucumbers at the store!

leslie.conner said...

glad you're enjoying the magazine! that looks tasty...