this is typical of the conversations i have with lauren:
L: so, i just got these new pink ruffly flats from target.
E: ahh! the pointy-toed ones that are fuchsia colored?
L: yes!
E: i saw those when i was browsing the shoe aisle and loved them!

last night in my social psych class, an older, very classy lady came in to give a survey (one of probably 15 people so far). i was a little annoyed to fill out yet another survey, until i noticed her shoes. she was wearing lauren's cranberry ruffle flats. i don't know where i get my reasoning, but her shoes definitely motivated me to happily complete her survey. shame on me. they are just so darn cute.


emilybuckingham said...

I love this, I would've done the same thing!

lauren said...

yayy for cute shoes and motivation :)