catching up

i've been absent for a little bit, friends! it seems like someone flipped the turbo speed button on our lives lately. but life is good. so good. god is good. here's why:

01. michael just finished and sold a commissioned painting.
02. he has a website + business cards now! check it out.
03. he has an interview tomorrow!
04. we found a really rad huge tree stump that will become our coffee table soon, thanks to the tree business down the road. reduce. reuse. recycle.
05. my readymade issue is mind blowing. raise your own hens, learn how to screen print, make wine crate cabinets, rhubarb tarts...how did they know i wanted to do all that? its fabulous. really and truly.
06. i am graduating so soon!
07. we are planting our garden this easter weekend!

photo here

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