my super secret surprise

and so it begins...my first of many "mom's surprise" posts. i believe i shared a color scheme, but that's about it. during the break, my michael and i traveled down to texas to give my mom a complete room makeover. we enlisted the help of john, katie, and jen, and our wonderful friends lauren & jake who survived an exhausting day at ikea with us. we also got to hang out with my g-ma, aunt rebecca, and cousins ryan and sam. sam celebrated his 11th birthday during the trip, and even ventured to the lego store in dallas. seems like the week rushed by, but with the help of my crew we got everything done by wednesday at one am. everyone slept in on thursday, exhausted from my crazy antics (they call me a squirrel), and then we headed back to OK friday morning.

some more highlights and interesting tidbits from and since our excursion:
01. went to the wonderful sprouts and stocked up on things like pumpkin flax seed granola.
02. while making a "quick trip" to ride her horse one day, my little sister found a boat in the process and dragged it behind her horse to go test it in the stock tank. she didn't have oars so she used a shovel. therefore she came home five hours later...
03. michael and i got to go to a krav maga class (israeli self defense) with my brother. his police sergeant was very gracious to let us join in.
04. we ate homemade pizza and had italian sodas as a family.
05. it was 70 degrees this week in TX and OK. today a blizzard hit us! michael and i worked this morning and had to help close our store down at noon! it's still a snowin'.

06. went to tracy's wedding shower this afternoon with leslie, despite the snow, and watched her squeal and cry as she opened her kitchen aid mixer. so cute.

these are some in-the-process pics. i don't have any "before" pictures. i figure it doesn't matter what you've done in the past, there can always be a brighter future. ok, so i got ahead of myself and went to town on the room way too fast. sorry!


Rebecca T said...

you are not "a" squirrel, you are "the" squirrel from 'Over the Hedge'. a must see. wait for squirrel to have the caffeine before he goes to get the snacks. THAT is Erin!!! Love you, sweet squirrelly girl!

Susan said...

Such a fun week! I think I need a few more days to recover. You are so precious--I love my new room. Y'all are the best.

summer said...

how fun!
your creativity inspires me, erin. seriously.