for my aunt

this is my tried and true, original banana bread recipe. try it with dark chocolate chips. omit the brown sugar for a healthier version. you can bake as muffins--just reduce the cooking time. if you're like me you never finish the bunch of bananas you buy. this recipe is the perfect quick fix.

this pic is probably too small to read, so just click on it to enlarge.


emilybuckingham said...

I love this:
1. not only because I spy a cutie apron in your first picture.
2. because it makes me feel closer to recipe club. I might've just printed off your recipe, and stuck it in my binder. :)

Lynn said...

I'm not the aunt you wrote this for but... I tried it - great banana bread. I also tried using the waffle iron for grilled cheese and ham sandwiches. The first two worked well, the third oozed cheese everywhere!! But they were quick and tasty.