hopes + dreams

well, here it is. our wonderfully overzealous, little garden. we already have tomato, jalapeno, red pepper, banana pepper, and strawberry plants. hoping our seeds sprout up soon, including: sunflowers, corn, zucchini, squash, watermelon, lettuce, carrots, onion bulbs, and chives! i know, that's a lot you say. but we've got super high hopes this year. i'm already so proud of my mini strawberry and forget-me-not plants i've been seeding inside! oh, and the marigolds keep the pests away! read about it here. such an informative source for gardeners.


The Kelley Family said...

I love your garden! I'd love to have a herb garden! I'd love to have some fresh mint, rosemary and basil!!! MMMMMM! I'll have to ask you for tips! :o)

summer said...

this is so awesome, erin! everything looks marvelous already- such a cute set up! i'm awfully jealous, and cheering you on big time.

ps. concerning your question about comment-responding (such a good one!), i tend to go over to that person's blog and answer back, just because i'm afraid they won't see it if i answer in my own comment section. but i've realized lately that if i start responding in my own comments, and make a habit of it, people will (hopefully) start looking for the answers there and that would be so neat and easy! i should start doing that.