hoppy easter

as my momma says : )

this weekend has been really wonderful. full of blessings, which we are so thankful for.
01. on saturday my michael took me to see sleeping beauty! tulsa ballet did a great job. it's definitely one of my favorites, probably because of the nostalgic factor. i love that michael delights in taking me to performances.
02. after the ballet (matinee), we ate at sage. our tradition after the ballet. shared the fried green tomatoes for an appetizer, and the shrimp pesto mac and cheese. gourmet mac & cheese is their specialty. did not disappoint!
03. this morning we led preschool worship, which is always a blast. there were more kids than usual, and they were definitely antsy to get to their easter egg hunts. but, so cute in their easter clothes. oh, and we got our easter lily from church!
04. our friends ben & bibi invited us over for lunch. it was so delish. orange roughy, chicken, roasted veggies, angel food cake and strawberries! ben & bibi are delightful.
05. we ventured to home depot to rent a sander for our tree stump, which will become the coffee table soon. yay.
06. picked up some plants for our garden, including marigolds to keep the bugs away.
07. started expanding the garden and tilling the soil. then our friend, aaron, who lives practically in our backyard saw us outside and came over to hang out. aaron just recently started working with us and we found out we're seriously close neighbors.
08. aaron stayed for dinner, which i decided to cook instead of throwing sandwiches together. while the boys played guitar i made the exact same meal bibi made for lunch, almost.
09. tilapia, chicken, roasted asparagus, red pepper, onions, and carrots, my smashed dill potatoes, and angel food cake and strawberries. luckily i had all of this at home for my impromptu dinner. props to bibi for the creativity.
10. we invited joe over for dinner too, but he had already eaten like most normal people do. so he joined us for coffee and dessert.
11. there was great conversation, many tangents, and lots of fun.

we are so thankful for the people god has placed in our lives, and where he has put us right now. best easter i've had in a long time. thanks for indulging me. i am thankful for all of these little details about our weekend.

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Katie said...

your easter sounds so delightful! Wish I could have spent it with ya'll! :)