oh yeah...

tutorials from mom's room. short and sweet.

suspended fabric collection: stretch fabric of choice in cross-stitch frame. hang on wall. paint straight line all the way to ceiling. group many together. odd numbers only please : ) i don't like even numbers.

ultra-layered petal lampshade: here.

lace covered rocks: stretch lace around rock. hot glue to hold in place on bottom side. this will face down. done!

bed inspiration: here. john and michael used two ikea "lack" shelves to build the base instead of just one. the original design is intended to be up against a wall on one side. the two-shelf base gives my mom more storage. they attached my mom's vintage headboard to the base. basically built in one day! props to my brother and hubby for the design!

floating pom pom inspiration: here. follow instructions to cut out, but use different fabrics instead of paper. i alternated cream colored cotton with white and cream tulle. instead of stapling, use a quick stitch. then stitch together middle sections of fabric, crossing them like a "T". repeat, placing fabric sections on different angles. use 6-9 sections of fabric, depending on how fluffy you want it. hang with twine or heavy thread from small hooks in ceiling. did that make any sense?

multipurpose cake stands: here.

fabric flowers: here. for the towel pin, i alternated circles of cream colored cotton with circles of lace. for the wall installation i used felt. you don't have to cut out the circles with a scalloped edge. also, i did not make a stamen for any of them. i just put a safety pin on the back of the flower for the towel, so my mom can take it off when she washes the towels. i used tiny nails to put the felt flowers on the wall. really, the projects you can do with flowers like these are endless. headbands, christmas stockings, purses...

have fun!

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