01. the end is in sight. my last day of actual classes is this friday. only 128,789 more tests and projects to do before may 7th, MY GRADUATION!
02. megan from recipe club got married this past weekend. she was beautiful and the wedding was a blast.
03. samson is growing! and biting, and chewing, and pouncing. and he's as cute as ever.
04. my last day at starbucks is this sunday. i will be sad to leave such wonderful co-workers and regular customers, but i am excited to start my new job: a full-time teaching position at westminster presbyterian's child development center. with two of my recipe club girls nonetheless!
05. my best friend lauren graduates the weekend after i do, and i'm hoping to travel down to celebrate with her.
06. can't wait to see my family coming in for my graduation.
07. we've been spending a lot of time with joe lately. took him to a surgery last week to remove some melanoma. he's doing great and got a report that it hasn't spread anywhere else. praise god : )
08. i love my husband and can't wait to see him more.
09. praying for his job opportunities.
10. looking forward to some sleep after may 7th.