welcome to our family, samson

please welcome the newest member of the king family! samson "lucky" king. he just came home from abilene with us yesterday. my aunt rebecca's neighbor was looking for a good home for this sweet little puppy. their dog gave birth in a march snowstorm and "lucky" was the only puppy who made it. he is a chubby little chocolate lab, with three white socks and a furry white chest. he loves to snuggle. and chew. he especially likes playing tug-a-war with my yoga pants. we love him. samson, along with his basic puppy care, was a graduation present from my sweet aunt and uncle. we're so thankful to be a family of three now! wish us luck with his potty training : )

thank you townsends!


Jenn Simpson said...

i picked up that puppy today! so precious!

summer said...

oh erin! he's adorable. have so much fun. you'll be attached before you know it.