family + garden update

what a fun weekend! john and jen came to town. we take all our visitors to the farmer's market and cuppies & joe. we also went to sage for dinner with our cousin, nathan, and enjoyed some great jazz music from a friend's band. john came with his own plan too...to build a rain reservoir for the garden! check out the pictures! my custom-built rain reservoir (along with the addition of a gutter on the house) will provide water to the soaker hose in the garden! my brother certainly knows what i love--anything to conserve, use our resources wisely, and cut costs. we had so much fun with john and jen. i love visitors. thank you for the reservoir, john!

in regards to the garden:
yes, that's the first banana pepper of the season!
i got watermelon, eggplant, and bell pepper plants at the farmer's market to add.
the tomatoes are huge, and one is red!
squash is flowering.
romaine is healthy.
and onions are doing whatever onions do. (need to research when they're ready to pull up.)

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