two years

it's june 8th, and i've been married to my sweet husband for two years. one thing i know: i love being a wife. the wife of michael king.

10 things i love about my man:
01. he is...tall, really tall. that comes in handy when you're a wife of 5'1"!
02. he has a specific "milk cup." that's just cute, so i don't use it for anything else.
03. he is a hypermiler. on our honeymoon he got 45 mpg in our little civic and it's
not a hybrid!
04. he loves being "green" with me. case in point #03.
05. he's the most talented artist i know.
06. he rides his bike everywhere.
07. he is compassionate.
08. he holds as much information as an encyclopedia in that head of his, adorned with a 20's era newsboy cap.
really, ask him anything about history...or fonts.
09. he will eat
anything i make.
10. he keeps me warm.

some sweet anniversary gifts... a tea towel from my mom (made from a feed sack). so cool. and an apron from RC! we set a new tradition of giving a "married name" apron to anyone getting married or having an anniversary. leslie is next...she celebrates two years august 8th!

p.s. they even picked michael's favorite font (unknowingly), helvetica, for the apron! perfect.


Jillian said...

That's so sweet Erin, I love the apron! And happy anniversary!

leslie.conner said...

I hope you both enjoyed your anniversary :) Congrats!

Tracy said...

I love this, Erin! So cute :)