01. my new favorite sandwich is a french dip. (i used to hate them growing up, but evidently i love everything i once despised now that i'm pregnant.) they are so good with this sauce. it comes in the cutest little bottle.

02. michael is loving my new obsession with red meat.
03. the baby bump is getting there. got my first pair of maternity jeans this weekend! tonight i will alter them to be "straight" instead of "boot cut," and hem them since no one makes jeans for short pregnant ladies.
04. we had a few days of "cool" weather last week and i thought i went to heaven. i think i'll spend all my time outside this fall.
05. i've been wanting to go to the pumpkin patch.
06. my sister is coming to visit over labor day weekend! and she started a recycling program at her school!
07. my best friend is leaving for germany tomorrow to be an au pair! how exciting, huh?! i sure will miss her.
08. mom started on her master's this week. i'm a proud daughter : )
09. we find out the sex of baby september 28th!
10. dwelling on this verse:
i can do everything through him who gives me strength.
philippians 4.13


leslie.conner said...

Aw- maternity pants! Exciting :) I can't wait for you to find out of its a boy or a girl!!!

The Kelley Family said...

Jeremy loved my cravings for red meat as well when I was pregnant with K! Occasionally, the cravings come back! It was out of the blue since I typically am a white meat kind of girl! :D Do you have a good recipe for the meat?

Susan said...

You are wonderful! So glad you and Katie can spend time together this weekend. I'd come too but I'm going to rest and recuperate from these last few weeks. Love you bunches. I'm proud of you!

Katie Shaw said...

I CANNOT wait to come see you! It is going to be another fun filled weekend!

Tracy said...

Is it creepy I want to see your baby bump?...haha...probably but you know I'm just really nosy :)