visit from mom

my mama came this weekend! it was the first time we've actually been able to do some exploring while she was here without running to graduations, gallery openings, etc. i just ran across this OKC guide on my favorite, design sponge, and found many of the places we took mom...the national memorial (1995 bombing), mcnellie's pub house (where i got a burger, by the way!), collected thread, mister rabbit, cuppies & joe, and a tour of mesta park! i'm really starting to appreciate this city.

mom brought us some fun groceries from sprouts (chickens, meat, berries, maple syrup...yum), and also some fun "maternity" type clothes for me! she also stocked me up on my bareminerals. i always love the "random", as she calls them, presents she brings me. she certainly knows me. thanks for coming to visit, mom! we had so much fun with you!

p.s. this is the most i've accomplished in one weekend since being pregnant! yay.

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Susan said...

I had so much fun!!!!! Love you all so much.