update from the weekend

01. this guy's beard is gone, and it's throwin' me for a loop. (he has an interview for a beard-free job tomorrow. keep him in your prayers!)
02. we went to the green bambino again for a sidewalk sale and to gather more research on cloth diapers. we met a woman who has seven kids and is an expert. she was very helpful, and i got a moby wrap for baby!

03. i enjoyed a nice walk in the park saturday morning. bring on fall!
04. got michael a rad shirt for 75 cents at st. mary's rummage sale, and then my prenatal workout videos at the library + this book.
05. we led preschool worship this morning. i love those funny kids : )

this week i'm reminding myself of something our pastor says..."what is impossible for a god with genesis 1 on his resume?"

p.s. we're visiting michael's parents in NH for a week in october! we're so excited to go during fall.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you've heard of these or not, but I've heard bumGenius cloth diapers are great. Here's a website that has reviews and such


erin elizabeth king said...

yes, we've heard great things about them! thanks for the link : )

leslie.conner said...

WOW - I saw your pic on facebook of Michael beardless… looks like a different person, lol! Good luck on his interview :) I like your baby wrap! And, can't wait to see you tomorrow (and actually get to chat… I hate working on opposite ends of the hall and having to say 'hello' as I'm trying to wrangle my kids, lol)

lauren said...

erin, i'm so happy for you i could cry.