random halloween

well...happy halloween! our city decided to trick-or-treat last night, and let me tell you, i was prepared. this is the first year we've actually been home to pass out candy, and boy was i ready. michael carved a cute jack-o-lantern and i piled up the candy bowl. then we waited...and waited. not even ONE trick-or-treater came by all night! i was devastated. meanwhile however, we enjoyed watching the world series, made this awesome curried potatoes and chickpeas recipe, got a chunk of baby's registry started, and relaxed! next year i'll have my own little goblin, so i'm not bitter anymore ; )

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Gina said...

Aww, I'm so sorry you didn't have any trick or treaters! You were so excited to pass out candy! That recipe looks AMAZING!! Glad you got more registering done!