catch up

01. i had a blast seeing my sister's acting debut. she was, of course, hilarious. i'm so proud of her!
02. samson has received some "dog whisperer" training from john. he's doing a lot better already. that big puppy packs a powerful punch.
03. we enjoyed thanksgiving with my family in texas.
04. got to hang out with our "russia" friends and reminisce. i'm obviously too pregnant to go at christmas, but katie gets to go!
05. looking forward to putting our christmas tree up! (haven't quite had time yet.) my family is coming here for christmas this year so our tree will get some extra love.
06. our bradley classes are going well. we love everything we're learning, and "labor rehearsals" start next week!
07. baby is bigger than an english cucumber now, over 14 inches. sometimes you can see my stomach jump : )
08. mom sent us home with chicken enchilada soup and turkey soup. i'm thankful for the help with meals this week!
09. we start our yummy advent calendar on wednesday. check out this festive one, above.
10. our endeavors to create a nursery continue!


Anonymous said...

Very cute calendar! We should all make Christmas ornaments together for our trees :)

leslie.conner said...

Sounds like you've been having a great time. I can't wait to meet baby King in a few months :)