on saturday my lovely friend, leslie, hosted a baby shower for me! it was wonderful...friends from all facets of life came together to bless me and baby.
cute "baby king" cupcakes by leslie

leslie & me

lindley and tevin

jenn, katelyn, & alli

kristin, megan, & emily

miranda, tracy, & kristen

miranda, obviously thrilled to play the "baby food game"

i guessed 2 out of 4...fyi: don't ever buy mac & cheese baby food.

baby boy got some adorable things, and everyone went in to get us the bummis diaper kit we registered for! now we're set on a large portion of our cloth diapering needs. i'm beyond excited and thankful! thank you again, friends.


leslie.conner said...

I am glad you enjoyed it and baby got lots of things he will need :)

Susan said...

What nice friends you have! You and Michael are truly blessed.

Anonymous said...