new holiday

there are a few holidays coming up...christmas, my bday, new years...but there is a new holiday in our house that you probably don't know about. it's called "michael's day." it's december 31st (aka new year's eve), and it's not his birthday. just a day to do whatever he wants, ALL day. no hubby favors, no chores, no work, etc.

he's requested a massage and i got him an appointment today-check. other than the massage, he plans to play guitar (and probably eat chips in the bathtub while reading lord of the rings...something he loves to do, don't tell him i told you!). i think he's cute.

my hard-working hubby more than deserves this day. seriously, i don't know how he so lovingly deals with me and my crazy, emotional, pregnant state. let me be honest with you--i cried last night when i couldn't find the tape to wrap a present! i know...

so if you're friends with him on facebook, stop by and wish him a happy "michael's day!" on december 31st.


Anonymous said...

I love this, Erin! So sweet :)

leslie.conner said...

I'll be sure to do that :)