silly scenes from christmas

the fam...all packed up, headed for OK! (samson had "the" surgery, note the cone. poor guy!)

her onesie glows in the dark.

john LOVES flashlights. all kinds.

remember this hat i wanted to get michael? my friend found it on ebay for me! he got his beard back for christmas.

john really likes his new shop-vac. katie will always be the guinea pig.

michael and i joined the vibram five-finger club!

hope you had a wonderful christmas with your family! it was awesome to be in our own home to celebrate this year. i'm so thankful that my family trekked up here to see us!

in other news, katie left for russia today (keep her and the rest of the team in your prayers). my hubby took me to big truck tacos for my birthday dinner tonight, and then cuppies & joe for dessert. we both had a long day at work, so my birthday wish is to go to bed early! oh, and in two months (give or take a few days or weeks) we are having a baby boy...wow.


Gina said...

Happy birthday friend!!! Sounds like a great day!!

leslie.conner said...

Looks like a fun Christmas! The beard hat cracks me up :) And I didn't know they made dino glow-in-the-dark onesies for adults!