baby boy is growing rapidly and will be here so soon! i'll be 33 weeks on thursday, but at my appointment last week we were measuring about 2 weeks ahead. ahh! we're ready to meet him, when he's ready to meet us, of course. however, i could use a little more time to prepare things. we definitely made some progress on baby's room this weekend. michael painted everything and the room looks so fresh and clean now. we've got prints matted and framed, all ready to go up, including some of his daddy's own work. we're aiming to foster a deep appreciation for art at a young age : ) we'll be in fort worth next weekend for a shower, so we're going on an IKEA run for the last few things--including the crib. and yes, we have a back-up plan in case we go into labor there. oh, and we ordered this rad mobile!

one more thing...baby's name is:
amos samuel king


leslie.conner said...

Can't wait to meet Amos :)

summer said...

i am out of my mind excited for you, erin!! oh my goodness! it's getting SO close. and i LOVE his name! amos. it sounds perfect. (just like his darling mobile.) will be thinking of and praying for you, my friend:)

ps. do you mind my asking which crib you guys like? i've been eyeing some of the ikea cribs, too!

sarah dayshort said...

i like the mobile and the name...cute!

nikkionthemic said...

Love the name!! Can't wait to see pictures when he arrives in the world :)