if you're in the market for a mobile, don't get this one i talked about. it's made of paper, and i just don't pay $26 for something that we can make ourselves, out of paper. so we returned it. i suppose i thought those cute birds were made of wood since the description didn't say. let me know if you find any cool non-plush/non-cliche/non-paper, budget-friendly mobiles soon!

thanks : )


leslie.conner said...

I'll let you know if I see anything :) Hope you had fun at your shower in TX this last weekend! Get ready for your work shower next week!

Kallee said...

Hi! Just a suggestion for a mobile! When I took that child development program, we had to literally MAKE everything from toys to deco. We made a TON of mobiles for the infant room. I would mainy take wire and bend it into a mobile shape (or you can use a hanger). Then I wrapped the wire or hanger in choice color of ribbon or yarn. Then you can hang whatever you like from it, pictures of animals, colored shapes, airplanes, etc. Laminating them will make them more stable! I loved it. Very inexpensive (if it costs you anything at all), personal, and fun to make! :)

leslie.conner said...

babyearth.com has TONS of mobiles, including some cute non-plush, non-paper ones :) Some of the cute wooden ones are expensive… but maybe there are coupon codes out there! And babymobilegallery.com has a super cute robot one! So many choices!

summer said...

very good to know, erin!-- thank you:)

how are you feeling?!

Gina said...

You may not want/or have time to make one, but I saw this and thought it was cute. I like the use of the sticks as branches. If I could sew I would make it for you, buuuuut I can't. :)